Observations Of Free Cats in a Canada Neighbourhood

Black long hair cat called Tom

Tom is assumed to be a male cat. He enjoyed his time with a queen named Freddy. Tom can be seen wondering the neighbourhood night or day. He sits on any front step, porch driveway etc. He has no concept of ownership. He enjoyed sitting in Freddie’s driveway with her. It is assumed he father kittens with her. During Freddie’s labour once, Tom stood outside an open window, from the room Freddie was delivering in. When Freddie moaned with labour pain Tom answered with his own low moaning sounds. Could Tom have had been having empathy for Freddie?  Although Freddie has moved from the neighbourhood almost a year ago Tom can still be found wondering her old yard.

Tom seems to be a more unique tom cat with emotions and loyalty to what one assumed to be only one of his queens. If he was monogamous that would be miraculous.

Tom is clean, looks healthy and comes very close to residences but not people. Tom may have a home but it is unknown. He seems to spend most of his time within a block of Freddie’s old residence.

Orange Classic Tabby called Billy

Billy is more aggressive. When he’s around Tom is not. He has been spotted in more places and farther from the neighbourhood. Billy has been spotted in other neighbourhoods, he crosses very busy streets. Billy is most likely a feral cat. He tends to be ungroomed. He looks healthy.

He doesn’t come close to residences. He mates by forced. Freddie was heard screaming and when checked Billy was in “action”.

Now Freddie has moved, he is rarely seen around her old stomping grounds.

Orange Tabby called Oscar

Oscar seemed less aggressive than Billy. Also clean and healthy Oscar frequently was found two streets away from Freddie’s. It is thought he lived in one of the houses on that street. He has not been seen around Freddie’s old house recently. But can still be frequently spotted a couple streets over.

Grey Brown Tabby Long Hair called Jessica

Jessica is a beautiful long haired tabby who is not seen often. She is timid, clean and healthy. It is unknown if she has a home. She had one litter of kittens under a utility shed. When the kittens were spotted they were already big enough to follow her around. What happened to her kittens is unknown. If she’s had other litters is also unknown. She can be seen squeezing under neighbourhood fences from time to time. She never comes close to people or houses, she maybe feral.

Orange Tabby called Tiger

Tiger is young a tom cat. A kitten from Freddie and Oscar, he is about a year old. Tiger stays in his neighbourhood, majority of his time is spent in his own home or yard.

Tiger has been going outside since he was little. When he was small he would go in his yard on a lease with his family. As he grew he started demanding to go out, his people have complied with his wishes. Although he has a litter box inside he really uses it. He has been spotted using neighbours gardens although he spends most of his time in his own yard.  As a kitten was observed following Tom and Oscar around Tiger’s yard and street. Now his companion is Simba.

Simba a grey brown tabby.

Simba looks similar in age to Tiger. Simba often comes to visit Tiger but always comes and goes from the same direction and wears a collar so it is assumed she / he has a home. Simba’s sex is unknown, given the time he/she spends with Tiger you might think female, but her size and behaviour don’t confirm that.

Socks a white and grey cat.

Socks can be found in the park behind a group of houses. Socks is friendly will be petted by strangers is very clean and healthy. Socks is probably a “fixed cat” because he/she has never been seen pregnant and has not grown into a big tom cat. Males neutered before maturity remain smaller in head and neck.

Freddie the Queen

Freddie is a grey brown tabby with attitude. She lived in the neighbourhood for two years. She decides who can pet her. When talked to she would respond. Tom was her favourite tom. The two could be found sitting in her driveway together, wandering around Freddie’s yard and street. Freddie never wondered far from her yard. She had five litters in the neighbourhood before to a smaller city, where last we heard she was pregnant.

There are other cats in the neighbourhood, who can only be seen from their windows. How sad it is to see a cat trapped.

To those owners: Open the door your let cat go. If you love something set it free. If you’re good to your cat they will spend their time with you by choice not force.

Liberate your house cats!